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Virgo | कन्या राशि

Don’t expect much luck with computers today, Virgo, particularly when it comes to writing or communicating with others. Malfunctions with technology could plague you throughout the day. If you want to get a message to a friend, the best way might be to visit in person! Creative efforts could be hindered the same way. Today is a great day to fall back on good old pen and paper.

For the next few weeks, you’re going to shock and amaze the masses, not to mention the folks you see on a regular basis. You might also end up looking in the mirror wondering who that is. Don’t fight it. Everybody gets to be remarkably and appropriately aggressive every now and then. It’s your turn, and there’s no better time to be struck with a heady dose of fire. Put it to good use. Share Share Share Share

Your desire to get on top of emotional matters is strong with the Moon in your solar eighth house all day, Virgo. Do watch for overthinking things, however, as you’re so often inclined to do! Frustrations can bubble to the surface at unexpected moments, but if you pay attention to the cues, you can learn a tremendous amount about what is truly behind your fears and insecurities, particularly about a relationship. A Sun-Pluto aspect occurring now is particularly empowering, however, as the Sun is currently a guest in your sign and Pluto, the planet of transformation, encourages you to grow and improve. This is a time for feeling very determined to give a particular project, relationship, or endeavor your all. Status quo simply won’t do today. Your resourcefulness helps you turn something old into something new, or turn a negative into a positive. This is also a time for riding on the hurt of a rejection or a personal slight and using it to improve your life.

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