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Upsets among family members in the home could drive you to escape it all and throw yourself into your work, particularly creative projects of some kind. This might be the right course of action, Leo. The situation isn’t permanent, and perhaps the others in your household simply need to work things out for themselves. In the meantime, your work will give you satisfaction and perhaps even advancement.

You’ll be wearing your emotions like a t-shirt today, and they’ll be the first thing others will notice when they see you. Fortunately, the heavens have arranged for you to be in a wonderful mood — unpredictable, perhaps, and unusual, for sure, but pleasant. So don’t worry about offending anyone (not that you would) and don’t hold anything back. The fans will love you, exactly as you are. Share Share Share Share

Last update: Sep 9, 2017 @ 12:50 am
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