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Career Success in Film Industry Astrology

The most popular entertainment medium in the twentieth century is cinema. Thousands of people depend on this “movie industry”. Looking for a career as an actor or actress is not an easy problem in this competitive world. The horoscope should have strong yoga for its bright future in this field, otherwise one will waste his time-effort-money to succeed.

What are the astrological factors for a career in the film industry?

Vedic astrology says that strong Venus, Jupiter, Sun and the fifth house will give a successful career in this industry. Venus shows drama, art, etc., Jupiter for
luck and prosperity, the sun for fame and popularity and the strong 5th home shows success through the 5th home affairs, namely entertainment, drama, action, and so on.

Actors, movie stars, celebrities, well-known faces on television commit a lot of pursuit and fanaticism. They are also people like you, me and us, but there is a lot of madness for them. People are crazy about them and it is true that this field offers enormous popularity and fanaticism alongside sports. In this article we will discuss astrological combinations for the actress career. Many people maybe thousands and Lac come to Level I cities like Bombay in India to try their luck in the movie industry, the media, television, and so on. Many of them aspire to become actors and many have the talent to become actors but their horoscope promises a career on television? Do their horoscopes have astrological combinations for acting career? The following combinations or set of planets succeed in drama / action / television.

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Among the planets, Venus is the first symbol of beautiful figures and talents in art, acting, singing, dancing, and so on. A Venus strong and well positioned in Lagna makes a beautiful, aesthetic taste and inclination towards performing art. In the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th home, Venus is an actor / singer and famous. The moon regulates the mind, subjective perception, and native personality. Moon in Venusian and Mercury Signs (Vrishabha / Tula and Mithuna / Kanya respectively), Karka, Simha, Aquarius and Pisces gives artistic talent and emotional flexibility. Mercury, being karaka (signifier) ​​for speech, dance and drama, gives versatility and expressive talent to an individual. His association or appearance with Venus makes an expert in the arts of the show. Jupiter’s blessings give success, recognition, name, fame and wealth. Strong Jupiter in Lagna, 2a, 5a, 9a, 10a or 11th joint home, or expected by, Venus and Mercury gives success in the movies. The dasha-antardasha of these planets at an appropriate age gives success in film lineup. The position of other Rajyogas in the horoscope gives first success, recognition and lasting name, fame and wealth.



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