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Capricorn | मकर राशि

An unexpected meeting with a friend could leave you sensing some strong emotions that your friend is experiencing. These could be unsettling, Capricorn, so be prepared. Increased psychic awareness could cause you to pick up the thoughts and feelings of others more strongly than usual. This should increase your understanding of the person, but be careful not to reveal this understanding unless asked. It might prove too much for your friend right now.

You’re in the mood for a little excitement. Actually, that’s not entirely true. You’re in the mood for a whole lot of excitement — and you’d like it to be of the romantic variety. Fortunately, you just so happen to know someone who’ll be happy to help you make the very most of your mood. Better give them a call now. This may not last forever, and you definitely don’t want to waste it. Share Share Share Share

Although you ambitiously strive to be accomplished in the outer world, you also suffer from emotional insecurities just like everyone else. However, you won’t likely show the weaker links of your chain. Instead, you will set a goal to climb the next higher mountain. All your achievements are wonderful, but they may actually keep you isolated from others. Step down off your holier-than-thou pedestal now and connect on a heart-to-heart level with your friends. Star Trek’s Data said, “Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind.”

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