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Cancer | कर्क राशि

Difficulty reaching others could plague you today, Cancer. emails might not go through or you could be stuck in endless telephone tag. You may want to stop trying, but don’t give up. Keep at it! Find something else to do while you’re waiting. You’ll make contact eventually. What you have to discuss with these friends could prove gratifying on more than one level.

You will finalise business dealings with your partners today. Your high spirits may be subdued later in the day. However, as evening approaches and you get ready for a party, you will be back in your elements, cracking jokes and generally putting a smile on people’s faces.

The Moon in your public sector all day inclines you to want to take care of business, Cancer. However, you can feel pressure to come to decisions that you don’t feel entirely ready to make. Love can seem unreasonably complicated at the moment, but feelings emerging now can bring insecurities to light, allowing you to learn from them. In fact, a Sun-Pluto aspect active today helps you find the right path. Discrepancies between core values with someone can be frustrating, but can ultimately lead to greater understanding. Often, arguments over superficial things mean something much more. For example, if a partner were to criticize what you bought, you could have a strong reaction because you feel that they don’t think you can manage your life and make wise choices, and this is how something small can lead to something big! Seeing problem areas more clearly or facing significant truths can lead to a restructuring of activities and massive improvements to your projects and possibly also your relationships. Communication is the key today. You may be connecting with people and information that helps you get closer to your goals.

Last update: Sep 9, 2017 @ 12:46 am
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